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Hallmark Farms

The Gutwein family has been a part of Indiana agriculture since 1906 when our great-grandfather, Philip Gutwein, Sr., and family moved to the Francesville area to farm and eventually started Gutwein Milling. In 1936, our grandfather Fred Gutwein, along with Harvey F. Gutwein, founded Gutwein Hybrids.

Harvey R. Gutwein was part of Gutwein Seed with his dad and brothers until 1992.  He returned to farming in 1993 when he started Hallmark Farms. His son, Lance, joined him full time in 2001 and currently manages the farming operations.

Hallmark Farms became the first grower for Gutwein Popcorn Company in 1998 and continues to be the largest.

Check out images of Hallmark Farms below:

Planting Popcorn

View from behind the driver's seat!

Aerial view of planting

Working ground

Look at that popcorn grow!

Harvesting Popcorn

Dumping the popcorn from the combine to the auger cart, which will then take it to the semi.

Combine hard at work!

Harvey F. Gutwein 

1919 - 2011