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White and Yellow Butterfly Popcorn Kernels

White and Yellow Butterfly Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn is perfect for snacking anyway that you prepare it, but serving it with buttery, salty toppings is a classic way to enjoy it. Whether at the theatre or at home, buttered popcorn is always a treat.

To prepare the best buttered popcorn, you should start with the best popcorn kernels. White and yellow butterfly kernels have an attractive appearance. They usually feature a smaller rounded section with "wings" of varying sizes and shapes. Each kernel is different; maybe that is why white butterfly kernels are sometimes referred to as snowflake kernels! This type of popcorn is ideal for topping with butter because of its airy texture and the way the many wings catch and hold various seasonings.

The easiest way to prepare buttered popcorn is to pop it in a hot air popper and then slowly pour butter over it. Add salt or other seasonings before you dig in.

The traditional way, however, is to pop it in oil on the stove top. Cover the bottom of a large pot with canola or peanut oil, then add three or four kernels. When those kernels pop, the oil is hot enough to add enough popcorn so that it forms an even layer on the bottom of the pan. If you remove the pan from the heat for about half of a minute at this point, then most of the popcorn will pop at the same time when you place it back on the burner. Don't forget to put the lid on the pan, and gently shake it to keep the popcorn from burning. Once the popping slows, pour the popped corn into a large bowl. You can melt the butter in the pan you just used; then pour it over the popcorn and season it with salt or other flavorings.

However you prepare your popcorn, the white and yellow butterfly kernels will probably soak up more butter and flavor and become your favorite part of the buttered popcorn experience!

4 Health Benefits of Popcorn

We have traditionally thought of popcorn to be a special treat at the movie theater or when you’re lounging watching movies on the couch. Expand your minds and palates and let popcorn become a regular snack that can help you dump the chips and cookies that are gushing with sodium and sugar.Gutwein Gourmet Popping Corn has a wide array of flavors for all tastes ranging from the subtle taste of light butter to bold flavors like hot and spicy. There’s even kettle corn for those with a sweet tooth. In addition to mouthwatering flavors, popcorn has immense health benefits and can even help prevent disease. Here are four perks of popcorn:

1.)  It is a source of whole grains

In 2005, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services included whole grains in their Dietery Guidelines for Americans for the first time.  Fast forward five years to 2010, and they suggest trying to replace refined grains with whole grains ( For those fretting over what to eat or worrying that their grains are chock-full of sodium, fats and sugars, gourmet popcorn is here to save the day. Plain popcorn like our 2-lb. stand-up bags of bulk popcorn kernels is just that — whole grains comprising all three components that make up a whole grain (germ, bran and endosperm). What’s the big deal about whole grains? The germ is loaded with healthy oils, vitamin E, protein, several B vitamins and minerals. Fiber dwells in the bran, while protein and fiber reside in the endosperm. As if that doesn’t seal the deal, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reported that popcorn eaters consume an average of up 250% more whole grains than non-popcorn eaters.

2.)  It’s good for weight loss

It’s easy to pile on the calories when you have your hand deep in a bag of chips while watching TV or shoveling candy into your mouth. If you’re a fan of snacks, you don’t have to ditch them all together to lose weight, just make more mindful decisions on what to nosh on. One cup of popped popcorn only contains 30 calories,, which is about five times less than potato chips! Popcorn can also inhibit the release of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and can prevent overeating. Another benefit to snacking on popcorn is that it is low in saturated fats and its natural oils are good for the body.

3.)  It’s rich in fiber

Dietary fiber is one of the biggest perks of whole grains and popcorn clocks in at about 1 gram of dietary fiber per cup. Fiber helps regulate our digestive tracts and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces blood cholesterol, and regulates blood sugar.

4.)  It’s also rich in antioxidants

A 2012 study by the University of Scranton found popcorn to contain a higher antioxidant concentration than a lot of fruit! Antioxidants are billowing with health benefits such as preventing osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. They also play a role in being digestive agents that eliminate free radicals that mutate healthy cell DNA into cancerous cells.

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