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"Recently I bought some of your Hot & Spicy popcorn, I’m 81 years old and I have never eaten any popcorn this good." Earl

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Bulk Popcorn

We have popcorn available in bulk quantities. Whether you just need a 50 lb bag  or an entire truckload, we can supply your popcorn needs!
For truckload quantities, contact Tyler at 219.567.2121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Types of Popcorn Available

Yellow Butterfly

This is the most common type of popcorn. It is great for poly bags, jars, and microwave packages. Our yellow butterfly is also the top choice for concessions.


Yellow Mushroom

The round shape of mushroom popcorn makes it a great choice for coating with caramel, cheese or other flavorings.



White Butterfly

Our small tender kernels of white popcorn are excellent for poly bags and jars.



Our 50 lb bags can be shipped in pallet quantities, typically 60 bags per pallet.


We also have popcorn available in bulk totes ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 lb.
This weight can vary depending on customer requirements.

For international customers, we do ship both 50 lb bags and totes by container!


How We Did It

How popcorn is so delicious.What makes each kernel pop up so delicious? Click here to find out.

Bulk Popcorn

Bulk Popcorn  Click here if you are interested

  in BULK Popcorn.

Hallmark Farms

Hallmark Farms  Check out where all that delicious

  popcorn is grown. Click here.